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1 Rules el Vie Sep 18, 2009 4:44 pm

Admin Keko

*NEW* Section Rules Originally wrote by InHuman
I will be now be taking more serious actions.(This is your warning) Ive already been watching you guys and how you act to others and how it effects them and i think the Best way to solve this problem would be to take drastic actions

Because of recent events, I am posting a new thread with new rules!

When Posting Hacks

* Always post Virus Scan. Do NOT post fake scans. Automatic Ban.Go to Virustotal.com to get a scan.

* I will not approve if it is PROMOTING another website.

* Post feature list/screenshots

* Do Not be a leecher..Post Credits

Common Sense Rules

* Do not flame.

* Do not spam. This includes making duplicate threads AND threads irrelavant to CrossFire.

* Do not make off topic or stupid posts, and do not double post. This IS spam.

* Post in the right section. This means clan advertising STAYS in that section.

* Do NOT beg for hacks!

* And, above all, use common sense people!

If any of these rules are broken, you will be punished, and a BAN may be involved.

Here is list of ban dates

* -Advertisments(Permanent ban)

* -Flaming(1+ day ban)

* -Nazi or Racist content/comments ( 5+ day ban)

* -Bumping old threads 1 week or older( 3 day ban)

* -Using outside download sources "Links"( 3+ day ban)

* -Spamming( 1+ day ban)

* -Begging for hacks ( 1 day ban)

* -No virus scan( 1 day ban)

* -Fake VirusScan ( 7+ day ban)

* -Posting Viruses,keyloggers (permanent ban)

* -Disrespect of Staff members (5+ day ban)

* -Passing off a hack as your own (permanent ban)

All Mods are to be posted in the new section made ONLY for modding. No spam threads in there.
Mods will be posted including.
~ A virus scan
~ A Rar or Zip file of all the badges.
~ Screen shots of the badges. A Youtube video of the badges can and will work for this.
*Failure to comply will result in punishment.

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